Ocean's Eleven

The heist goes flawlessly, right down to Benedict (Andy Garcia) allowing the crew--disguised as a SWAT team--into the vault and right out again with the $150 Million. When Benedict realizes that he has been robbed, he assumes that Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is to blame, and hurries to the room where Danny is being "beaten." Danny, who has snuck back in plenty of time, plays it cool, and offers to help catch the crooks if Benedict gives up Tess (Julia Roberts). Benedict readily agrees to the offer, but is dumbfounded when he realizes that Danny is acting like he thinks the heist was five or ten thousand dollars. He turns Danny over to the Police for violation of parole. Tess sees the whole thing (piped to her room's television by the gang), and leaves. Danny ends up serving three to six months. When he gets out, Tess and Dusty (Brad Pitt) are there to meet him.

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