Abre los Ojos (Open Your Eyes)

This film has a lot of false storylines that are just the main character's dreams, so at the end you can't be certain if he's just waking up from another dream, or whether the big denoument was actually the "truth." We're going to describe the easy, straightforward ending, and leave debate about the nature of reality to the solipsists.

César (Eduardo Noriega) never did have his face repaired, or see Sofía (Penélope Cruz) after the night he got drunk and passed out on the street. Instead, he signed up to have his body frozen until his condition could be treated, and then killed himself. His entire existence, including the murder, subsequent arrest, and psychiatric treatment, are just part of a virtual reality run by the L.E. (Life Extension) company. Once he figures this out, he is given the option of continuing his virtual life or "awakening" to a reality with a repaired face 150 years in the future. He bids Sofía farewell, and jumps off a tall building in order to "kill" the virtual life.

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