Death Race 2000

Frankenstein (David Carradine) and Annie (Simone Griffith) are the only survivors of the race. The rebels, led by Pete (William Shepherd) and Thomasina Paine (Harriet Medin) blow up Serenity Jane (Mary Woronov) with a land mine, trick Matilda the Hun (Roberta Collins) into driving off of a cliff with a phony detour, and get Ray "Nero the Hero" Lannagan (Martin Kove) to run over a baby doll full of explosives. Frankenstein avoids death from an aerial bombardment by Pete as he forces Pete to crash the plane into a hillside. The media covers up all of these incidents, insisting the French are killing all of the racers. When Annie uses Frankenstein's right hand, which is really a "hand grenade" (humor, ar,ar,ar) to blow up "Machine Gun" Joe Vetubro, (Sylvester Stallone!) Frankenstein cannot use it to assassinate the President of the United Provinces of America at the ceremony in New Los Angeles to crown the champion of the race. So Annie disguises herself as Frankenstein to greet "Mr. P" on top of a large podium. Thomasina Paine, not knowing of the switch, unknowingly shoots Annie, thinking she is actually Frankenstein, as a symbol of the violence in society. In the ensuing chaos, Frankenstein, who was hiding in his car all along, crashes into the podium killing Mr. P. Annie recovers, marries Frankenstein, who becomes President and President Frankenstein restores free elections, abolishes the race, pensions off the secret police, ends minority privilege and runs over the obnoxious announcer Junior Bruce ("The Real Don Steele").
Thanks, Evil Ed!