John Carpenter's Vampires

The 'mole' that has been passing on information about Jack's (James Woods') activities to Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith) is Cardinal Alba (Maximiliam Schell), who has decided that his odds of attaining eternal life are better with the Vampires than in trusting God. Father Adam (Tim Guinee) shoots and kills the Cardinal just before he completes the ceremony that would give Valek the ability to walk in sunlight, and the vampires flee as the sun rises. Jack chases Valek, impales him on a cross, then finishes him by knocking down a decrepit roof, exposing Valek to the sun. Jack allows Montoya (Danial Baldwin), who is becoming a vampire, to flee to Mexico with Katrina (Sheryl Lee); then he and Father Adam go back to finish off the rest of Valek's followers.

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