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Bob Crane (Greg Kinnear), wanting to put life back into his dissolving acting career, tells his best friend John Carpenter (Willem DaFoe) that he wishes to get out of the swinging scene. Carpenter (not the movie director of the same name) does not take this well and the two of them part company on ill terms. Later that same evening, Crane is killed by blunt force trauma with a camera tripod and is also strangled with an electrical cord while sleeping in his motel motel room in Scottsdale, Arizona. Crane, who has been providing the narration throughout the movie, informs us that the investigation was mishandled as evidence got lost and memories of people questioned faded over the years. Although Carpenter eventually was charged and tried for the murder some ten years plus later, he was acquitted due to the lack of convincing evidence and Carpenter himself died a few years later of a heart attack.
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