The Truth About Charlie

Lewis Bartholomew (Tim Robbins) is actually Carson Dyle, and Joshua Peters (Mark Wahlberg), is actually Lewis Bartholomew, a police chief. Carson Dyle is the one who killed Charlie (Stephen Dillane), because Charlie would not tell him where the 6 million dollars was, and because Charlie said he was dead during the military operation when he really was not. Charlie had traded in the 6 million dollars (which were in diamonds) that were to be used as ransom during the military operation. In return, he got 3 very valuable stamps. He intended to sell the stamps and betray his comrades. Carson gets arrested by the police at the end, and Regina (Thandie Newton) decides to stay with Bartholomew. At the very end of the film, Charlie's mother (Frederique Meininger), who is now working at the prison, poisons Carson Dyle's food.
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