Femme Fatale

Laure (Rebecca-Romijin-Stamos) has been faking the beatings to trick Nicolas (Antonio Banderas) into being set up in a fake kidnapping so Laure can scam $10 million from her husband (Peter Coyote). Nicolas secretly tapes her plans but Laure kills her husband and shoots Nicolas. She's then attacked by her former cohorts who throw her off a bridge...

...and she wakes up in the bathtub in Lilly's home, realizing all of that has been a wild dream. She finds Lilly ready to kill herself as before but this time stops her and tells her that her life will be better. Seven years later, in Paris, Nicolas gets the same call for a photo of the ambassador's wife and Laure meets with the chamoflauge-clad lady. As before, the lady is attacked by the two crooks and it turns out that in both versions, the lady is Veronica (Rie Rasmussen) who was working with Laure all along to steal the diamond dress. Through a bizarre set of circumstances, instead of Veronica, it's the two crooks who get run over by the truck, Veronica walking away and in the mess afterward, Laure is startled to see Nicolas helping her to her feet. When he asks if they've met before, she mutters "only in my dreams."
Thanks, Michael W!