Catch Me If You Can

Hanratty (Tom Hanks) finally catches up to Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) on Christmas Eve in the same French town where Abagnale's father first laid eyes on his mother. As the plane taking the pair back to America lands in New York, Hanratty tells Abagnale that his father has died. Abginale begins to break down, Hanratty allows him to go to the bathroom, and somehow Abagnale escapes as the plane lands. He goes to his childhood home in New Rochelle to find that his mother has since remarried and had a daughter. As he stands in the snow and watches them through the window, the police arrive and he gives himself up. Hanratty visits Abagnale in jail and they discuss a new forgery case the FBI is working on. Abagnale basically solves the case as they talk and is ultimately given his freedom in order to join the FBI as an expert. Despite appearing to escape one last time, Abagnale stays on with the FBI and eventually earns many honors. Abagnale also finally admits that he didn't cheat on the Louisiana Bar exam. He studied for 2 weeks and passed.
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