Leave Her to Heaven

Ellen's (Gene Tierney's) jealousy of anyone who has her husband, Richard's (Cornell Wild's), attention turns murderous. First, she drowns Richard's polio-crippled kid brother by encouraging him to swim further than he should. Then she gets pregnant to save her marriage. Once the baby has served its purpose, she throws herself down the stairs and miscarries. Then, she grows jealous that her husband is growing close to her adopted sister, Ruth (Jeanne Crain). When Richard finally decides to leave her, she confesses to killing his brother. Then she poisons herself but arranges matters so that it looks like Ruth killed her to get Richard. Ellen's ex-boyfriend, played by Richard Price, is a prosocuting attorney. He tries to get Ruth to confess to murder. Richard proves that Ellen was insanely jealous by admitting that he knew she killed his kid brother. Ellen's death is ruled a suicide and Ruth is free but Richard goes to jail as an accessory to his brother's murder. He is released and reunites with Ruth silhouetted against the suset (awww!) and they presumably live happily ever after.
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