Star Trek: Nemesis

The Reman leader Shinzon (Tom Hardy) is actually a clone of Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart); part of an old Romulan plot to kill Picard and replace him with a Romulan-controlled clone.  When the plot was abandoned, so was Shinzon. A flaw in his genetics will make him die prematurely unless he gets a transfusion from Picard. When it becomes obvious that this isnıt going to happen, Shinzonıs ship attacks the Enterprise, planning to use a biological weapon that will kill everyone onboard. Then he plans to head on to Earth to kill everyone there, too. Picard beams onto Shinzonıs ship planning to destroy the weapon and sacrifice himself. He fights with and kills Shinzon.  Then Data (Brent Spiner), who basically ³jumped² from the Enterprise to Shinzonıs ship (transporters werenıt working) puts an ³one-use-only² emergency transporter device on Picard, sending him back to the Enterprise. Then Data blows up the ship, along with the weapon and himself. The crew has a toast for Data, and Picard begins to tell an android prototype, B4, (also Brent Spiner), (by the way, B4 has been equipped with Data's 'off-site memory back-up') what Data was like.
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