Note: The actual screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman, wrote about his difficulty in adapting Susan Orlean's The Orchid Thief, which is about an actual orchid hunter John Laroche. This situation and all of these people are real.

In the film, the fictional Charles Kaufman, (Nicholas Cage) is hired to adapt the book by Orleans (Meryl Streep). "Kaufman" the character has a twin brother Donald, (also Cage), a new writer influenced by a screenwriting workshop who helps Charles punch up his adaptation by creating a sell-out third-act ending which include car crashes, alligators, gunplay, and the deaths of twin Donald and the front-toothless John Laroche (Chris Cooper). The end of the film, though, continues to pretend that it's a non-fiction story, quoting from the movie "The 3" supposedly written by Donald, and the last credit is "In loving memory of Donald Kaufman," the fictional twin who died.
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