Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

The Nutty Professor Klump (Eddie Murphy), having extracted everything that is Buddy Love from his system, is suffering for it by becoming increasingly stupid. His research and notes on the entire effort are conveniently discovered by his equally brilliant fiance', Professor Denise Gaines (Janet Jackson). Buddy Love, having found a new body thanks to some stray dog hair, is reduced to gelatinous goop by Klump's other experiment, a youth formula. Klump, Klump's Father (also Murphy), Gaines, and Dean Richmond (Larry Miller) chase the incredible shrinking goop through half the city, until at last it fizzles into nothing, at which point Klump's IQ has left him the mental inferior of Forrest Gump. It is Klump Senior that figures out that the goop's final resting place, a train station fountain, could restore his son's genius, and proceeds to give him quite the swirlie. Klump Jr. and Gaines marry, and Klump Senior's confidence (and libido) are restored after saving his son's mind.
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