Final Destination 2

Death works backwards from the crash. The crash premonition sequence is this:

The sequence reverses itself and Kimberly's three friends are the first to die (Kimberly should have, but Officer Burke rescues her at the last second). Then Evan dies by having a fire escape ladder go through his eye. Tim Carpenter is next by having a sheet of plate glass crush him. Nora has her head stuck in elevator doors until the pressure finally pops her head off. You think Kat has a close one when a jagged metal pipe is shoved through the headrest of her seat, but she appears to be fine and taking it all well until a fireman using the jaws of life on her door causes her airbag to release, forcing her head back onto the pipe. Rory bites it shortly thereafter by being separated into 3 sections by a flying section of barbwire fencing. Only Eugene, Burke, and Kimberly are left now. All along they have had the aid of Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), the only survivor of the original Final Destination. Somehow a pregnant woman is thought to be the answer to cheating Death. Supposedly she was also spared from the crash and if she can deliver the baby, Death will have no choice but to skip the rest of them. Just after she delivers, Rivers opens the door to Eugene's hospital room and sets off an explosion that kills both of them. Finally Kimberly figures out what it meant when the strange man told her, "Only new life can cheat Death." She intentionally drowns herself near the hospital and is brought back by one of the doctors there, thus saving both her and Officer Burke because her new life has forced Death to skip them.
Thanks, Thomas B!