Spirited Away (original Japanese title: Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi)

The little girl Chihiro has one last test from Yubaba: she must pick out her enchanted parents from a group of ten pigs. She correctly states that none of the pigs are her parents. Haku accompanies her to the border between the human and spirit worlds. Chihiro helps Haku remember his real name. He is really a river spirit. When Chihiro was three she fell into his river and Haku as a river spirit had pushed her to shore, saving her life. Haku will now return to the bath house and force Yubaba to change her evil ways. Chihiro's parents are waiting for her at the old building, they have no memory of their time as pigs, and are surprised when they return to their car covered with leaves, and with dust covering the seats.
Thanks, Joy Z!

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