How to Marry a Millionaire

It turns out that all three women fell in love with their "losers." Pola (Marilyn Monroe) falls for the guy she met the airplane (who is on the run from the IRS and who owns the apartment they are renting). Pola (Betty Grable) admits that she loves the Park Ranger. Both women show up at Schatze's wedding with their guys to announce that they are already married. Schatze (Lauren Bacall) can't go through with the marriage to JD and he allows her a graceful exit. She loves her 'gas jockey' Tom Brookman (Cameron Mitchell) and wants to be with him. The next scene shows the 6 of them at the greasy dinner eating cheap food. Brookman pulls out a wad of cash to pay for everyone and all three women fall off their stools - finally figuring out that Brookman is the Brookman of mucho dinero. The movie ends with the three men holding up their beers to toast their lovely brides.
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