Jake Vig (Edward Burns) and his grifter team accidentally swindle an eccentric crime boss, Winston King (Dustin Hoffman), who sends one of his henchman to kill a team member. To settle the debt, Jake and his team pretend to work for "The King" by stealing from a bank. Only Jake's "inside men," which includes pickpocket Lily (Rachel Weisz), and a supposed "old nemesis" FBI agent Gunther Butan (Andy Garcia) are in on the complex scheme which involves corporate loans, creative accounting, wire transfers and offshore accounts. All tip-offs, apparent betrayals and fatal shootings are part of the set up by the grifters. In the end, a crooked Customs agent switches bags, and Jake and his team score $5 million. The crime boss, two corrupt cops (who helped Jake in previous cons), and other bad guys are caught by police.
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