Phone Booth

The sniper (Kiefer Sutherland) wants Stu (Colin Farrell) to tell his wife about his affair with another girl (Katie Holmes). The cops (led by Forest Whitaker) eventually learn that Stu is in fact trapped by a sniper, and begin checking areas for him. Stu becomes emotionally upset during a confession, and asks for himself to be shot instead of his wife. He is, but not by the sniper, but rather by a cop, who hits him with a rubber bullet. The cops find a guy in a room with a sniper rifle and different pieces of paper everywhere, bleeding on the ground from slitting his wrists. The suspect is brought down, only to be revealed as the pizza guy from earlier who attempted to deliver Stu a pizza. As Stu sits in an ambulance, loaded on pain-numbing drugs, the real sniper drops by and says that Stu should watch himself or he'll be hearing from him again. The sniper then walks away, only after taking a second to look over the phone booth.
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