The man pulverized with a fire extinguisher at the beginning (the end chronologically speaking) by Pierre (Albert Dupontel) is not in fact Le Tenia (Jo Prestia), the pimp responsible for the rape and beating of Alex (Monica Belluci). Le Tenia is however a spectator to the violent revenge. The end of the film reveals to us that Alex was pregnant to Marcus (Vincent Cassel) before her tragic encounter in the subway. By the end of the series of events, Alex has been savagely raped and beaten, in a coma, the baby has perished. Marcus has had his arm broken in the nightclub and last seen carried out on a stretcher, his life destroyed. Pierre has been led away by the police, told he will be put away for a long time for the 'revenge' on the man mistakenly identified as Le Tenia. The film begins and ends with the underlying theme 'Time destructs everything'.

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