American Gigolo

Leon (Bill Duke) set Julian (Richard Gere) up by having Judy Rheiman killed by his boyfriend because Julian was ripping off his "pimps" and 'stepping on too many toes.' Leon's boyfriend also planted the money with Mrs. Rheiman's fingerprints under Julian's mattress, and Mrs. Rheiman's jewels in Julian's car. In a fit of rage, Julian pushes Leon off of a balacony, but tries to save him. Leon falls to his death. Julian has no alibi for the time of Mrs. Rheiman's murder because the person he was with denied he was there. Julian gets arrested for Mrs. Rheiman's murder only, because a maid saw him try to save Leon. One of Julian's "clients," Michelle Stratton (Lauren Hutton-potential senator's wife, and the woman Julian is in love with) goes to the police and lies for Julian, saying that he was with her. At the end of the movie Julian and Michelle declare their love for each other.
Thanks, Nicki P!