Jian gui (aka The Eye)

Apparently Mun (Angelica Lee) received her cornea transplants from a donor who could foresee death. The donor, Ling (Chutcha Rujinanon), killed herself a day after foretelling a great fire that killed hundreds of her fellow villagers in Thailand. Mun and Dr. Wah (Lawrence Chou) travel to the Thai village where they meet with Ling's mother. It is revealed that Ling's mother never forgave her daughter for committing suicide and is haunted by Ling's restless spirit every night at 3 am, the hour Ling hanged herself. Persuaded by Mun, the mother finally forgives her daughter and her spirit rests in peace. On their way back to the airport, their bus is caught in a traffic jam caused by an overturned truck. Mun is shocked when she finds that she could still foresee death...it appears that Ling's corneas still have the curse even after Ling's spirit has been put to rest. The truck explodes and everyone dies except for Dr. Wah and Mun. But some pieces of shrapnel enter Mun's eyes and she is blinded again. They travel back to Hong Kong where she decides to remain blind for the rest of her life.

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