Never Say Never Again

Two W-80 thermonuclear devices are substituted with dummy warheads and Capt. Jack Patachi (Gavan O' Herlihy) diverts the missiles from their planned flight path during a U.S. Air Force test, using a surgically-altered right eye that mimics the President's retina. This allows Patachi to send commands to the missiles so that Maximillian Largo (Klaus Maria-Brandauer), who is working for SPECTRE can recover them. Largo hides one device in Washington D.C. and attempts to place the other device under the oil fields of the Middle East. James Bond (Sean Connery) blows up seductive assassin Fatima Blush (Barabara Carrera) with a fountain pen gun, seduces Patachi's sister Domino (Kim Basinger), who turns on Largo after learning that Largo had Fatima murder her brother, and leads Felix Leiter and some Navy SEALS on an assault of the underwater cave complex in the Middle East where one of the devices is hidden. The Washington, D.C. device is found and diffused and the disarming code is provided to Bond, prior to the assault. Largo escapes the assault and goes underwater with the device attached to a propeller-driven underwater sled. Bond follows Largo and engages Largo in a knife fight. During the fight, the sled traps Largo against an underwater outcropping of rock. While Bond is attempting to diffuse the device, Largo aims a spear gun at Bond. Before Largo can fire, a spear fired by Domino, who has swum down with some Navy SEALS, kills him. The second bomb is diffused and Bond and Domino share some quality time in a Jacuzzi.
Thanks, Evil Ed!

This movie has the same source novel as Thunderball. You can't exactly call it a remake, because due to some complicated licensing agreements (and several lawsuits), two different groups both got the rights to adapt the Thunderball novel, and these are the results.