Police detective Jimmy Shaker (Gary Sinise), after masterminding the kidnapping of Sean Mullen (Brawley Nolte), realizes that Tom Mullen's (Mel Gibson's) refusal to pay the ransom and instead using the money as a bounty has put him in an absolutely untenable position. He kills his co-conspirators and "rescues" the boy, making him a city-wide hero. When Shaker shows up at the Mullen home to collect his reward check, Sean recognizes his voice. Tom see this, and Shaker doesn't, so Tom offers to take Shaker straight to the bank to cash his $2 Million check. After the couple leave their home, Kate Mullen (Rene Russo) calls the police, who confront Shaker as he and Tom leave the bank. A brawl between Shaker and Tom ensues in which Tom gets Shaker's gun. The cops talk Tom out of killing sShaker, and start taking him into custody. As everyone's guard slips a little, Shaker grabs a pistol hidden his ankle holster, and points it at Tom. Tom's just a little quicker on the draw, however, and he shoots Shaker dead.

This movie is a remake of a 1956 original.