Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The T-1000 kills John's (Eddie Furlong) foster parents and dog, as well as several cops. Miles Dyson is shot when he, Sarah, John and the T-101 attempt to destroy the original T-101's endoskeleton arm and microchip, as well as the research. With his dying breath, he sets off the explosives and blows up the building.  The T-1000 chases Sarah, John, and the T-101 to a steel mill where the final confrontation takes place. The T-101 shoots the T-1000 with a grenade and blows him apart, then the T-1000 falls into a vat of molten steel, dissolving him. The T-101 then tells Sarah and John that he must be lowered into the steel as well, so that nothing will remain of him to continue the research with. As he is lowered, he gives John & Sarah the thumbs-up.
Thanks, Kenny H!

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