The Enforcer

Districy Attorney Martin Ferguson (Humphrey Bogart) finally remembers what called his attention during his investigation: in his deposition, Rico (Ted de Corsia) said the only witness of Mendoza's (Everett Sloane's) crime was Angela Vetto, a blue-eyed girl. However, the girl who was murdered and identified as Angela had brown eyes - so Angela is still alive and could testify against Mendoza. Unfortunatelly, when Ferguson goes to the girl's apartment, she had left and was being followed by two killers sent by Mendoza. Finally, the hero has a bright idea: unable to locate his witness in the crowd on the street, he enters a record store and uses the loudspeaker to tell Angela to call him at a certain phone number. She does so and he meets her - but is followed by the two thugs. Ferguson kills one of them and the other one is arrested. The movie ends with Ferguson escorting Angela to the court, where she'll testify and send Mendoza to the electric chair.
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