Jeepers Creepers 2

Set four days after the first Jeepers Creepers movie, the Creeper kills Jack Taggart's (Ray Wise's) son. Taggart and his other son (Luke Edwards) vow to kill it. The creeper then stops a school bus and kills all of the coaches, then kills the kids one by one. Finally Jack and Jack Jr. with their truck and a home made harpoon gun bring the Creeper down and Jack impales it with a spear, but instead of killing it, it goes back into hibernation for another 23 years. 23 years later, four kids drive up to Jack's farm and ask to see the Creeper, which is still dormant. They charge the kids 5 bucks. Inside the farm is the creeper, and Jack who is now an old man, with a harpoon gun next to him. The kids ask if he is waiting for something, and jack says "Another three days, give or take one or two days" and the movie ends.
Thanks, Tony G and EvilMatt85!

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