Dirty Pretty Things

Senay (Audrey Tautou) decides that she can no longer work under a sexually abusive sweatshop boss. She assaults him and runs off. Afterwards she finds out that Okwe (Chiwetel Ejiofor) was married and still thinks about his wife. Realizing that there is nothing left for her in England, she decides to sell her kidney for a British passport to Senor Juan (Sergi Lopez), who runs a kidney black market. Senor Juan agrees but also insists on having sex with Senay. She has no choice but to accept. Before the surgery Okwe intervenes and states that he will perform the surgery himself, being a former doctor, and for a passport as well. Instead, they drug Senor Juan and takes his kidney and the money for it. Using the money, they run off to the airport where Okwe tells Senay that his wife was murdered and he was set up and that he must return to Africa for his daughter. Senay goes to New York to stay with family and they trade parting "I Love You's."
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