School of Rock

Dewey (Jack Black) is exposed as a fraud at the Horace Green Academy Parents' Night. He escapes the police and angry mob of parents, and returns home, where Ned (Mike White) tells him that he'll have to move out. The next day, Dewey's class decides that they don't want to consider their learning experiences wasted, and sneak out on their "field trip" to the Battle of the Bands (picking up Dewey along the way). Just before they go on stage, Dewey says that they should perform Zack's (Joey Gaydos') song, beacuse it's better than the one he wrote. Their performance is amazing, and even changes the hearts and minds of the kids' parents, who arrived ready to lynch Dewey. The judges pick Dewey's former band as the winners, but the crowd cheers the School of Rock, which comes back out to perform an encore. As the credits roll, we see that Dewey and Ned have opened an after-school music program, and all of the performers from Horace Green are still attending the 'School of Rock.'

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