Fright Night

Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) and "The Great Vampire Killer" Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall--character name derived from Peter Cushing/Vincent Price--and which had to be based on legendary fright film host John Zacherle) finally sneak into the house of vampire Jerry Dandridge (a bloody good Chris Sarandon) to save Amy (Amanda Bearse), whom Dandridge has seduced, kidnapped and bitten. Prior to sneaking into Dandridge's house, Peter spears Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys) who was hiding in Charley's mom's bed, waiting for her to come home from work, after Evil Ed transforms into a wolf and lunges for Peter's throat. Unfortunately, Peter removes the shattered wooden banister support spike that he used to impale Evil Ed from the boy's body after Evil Ed reverts to human form. While in Dandridge's house, they dispatch Dandridge's Renfield, Billy Cole (Jonathan Stark), by first shooting him and then stabbing him in the heart after Dandridge reanimates Billy's corpse. After Charley stabs the zombie-Billy with a piece of jagged wood, Billy melts away in stages until only a skull remains. Finally, they battle Dandridge in bat and human form as well as a transformed Amy until sunrise. Peter and Charley find Dandridge's coffin in the basement and destroy Dandridge by tearing the covers off of the basement windows, exposing Dandridge to sunlight. Amy reverts to normal, Peter Vincent gets his cancelled TV show back, Charley beds Amy while two sets of red eyes watch from the top floor of the house next door and urge "Go Brewster," in Evil Ed's voice.
Thanks, Evil Ed!