Out of Time

Matt Whitlock (Denzel Washington) figures out that Anne (Sanaa Lathan) and Chris (Dean Cain) faked their deaths to frame him. Anne calls Matt and confesses that Chris made her do it, but when Matt goes to meet them with the money, Anne shoots Chris and then points the gun at Matt. It turns out she was the mastermind and had faked her injuries to make it look like Chris had beaten her up. She shoots Matt in the leg and is about to finish him off when Alex (Eva Mendes) shows up and shoots her. Matt didn't actually bring the money, just his GPS locator. When the DEA rolls in demanding to know where the money is, Chae (John Billingsley) shows up with it just in time. In the last scene, Matt and Alex reconcile and she moves back in.
Thanks, Robert F!

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