In the Cut

The Killer is Malloy's (Mark Ruffalo's) partner Rodriguez (Nick Damici), who has been on modified assignment due to his domestic abuse rap. Frannie (Meg Ryan), however is convinced that Malloy is the killer when she finds the baby-carriage charm from her bracelet in his coat pocket. She handcuffs him to the steam-riser, then rushes out and meets Rodriguez, who under the pretense of getting her statement drives her to the lighthouse. He then reveals himself as the killer and presents Frannie with a wedding ring dangling on the tip of his knife . Frannie is still wearing Malloy's coat with the .38 in the pocket where he put it when his ankle-holster broke. She takes the wedding ring and embraces Rodriguez, so she can shoot him through the heart. She then walks home, covered in Rodriguez's blood, where Malloy is still locked to the riser. She lays down and spoons with him.
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