After relationships with both Adam (Jeremy Sisto) and Polly (Anna Faris) fall through, May (Angela Bettis) takes her mothers advice of "If you can't find a friend, make one" literally and kills people for their perfect body parts to make the perfect friend. From Blank (James Duval), she takes his arms because of the tatoo she likes. From Polly, her neck. From Polly's cat Loopy she takes the fur. From Polly's lover Ambrosia (Nichole Hiltz), she uses her legs. She kills Adam's new girlfriend Hoop (Nora Zehetner) and takes her ears because she liked the earrings. She stabs Adam then cuts off his hands. She then goes home and sew together all of the parts and they make the perfect friend: but one problem arises, her new friend (whom she dubbed Amy) cannot see her, so she gouges out her lazy eye and gives it to her. As May begins to die from her injury, her friend comes to life, her hand carressing May's face.
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