The Matrix Revolutions

Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) turns the Oracle (Mary Alice) into an extraordinary Smith clone who can fly. The machines invade Zion and kill the entire Zion army, but the war ends when Neo (Keanu Reeves) makes a deal with the machine master, and the Sentinels retreat peacefully. Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) is killed when she crashes her ship into Machine city. Neo battles the Oracle-Smith super clone in the Matrix. Neo realizes that he cannot defeat Smith by fighting him in the Matrix since they are equally strong, but Smith has the home advantage. Neo merges with Smith, canceling each other out (think matter and antimatter). The Neo-Smith clone explodes, as do all the other Agent Smiths. There is peace in the Matrix once again. The Oracle survives and reappears at the end, and has a philosophical discussion with the Architect (Helmut Bakaitis) as a beautiful sun beams over a happy Hollywood ending. What about all of the deep questions raised in The Matrix Reloaded? Mostly ignored. As for Neo being any different than the past "Ones" - the Architect indicates to the Oracle at the end that Neo was the first One to stop the Agent Smith.
Thanks, Smash, Matt W., and all of the dozen others who piped up to fill in the gaps!