Bad Santa

Willie (Billy Bob Thorton) writes a letter confessing his crimes, and tries to kill himself. The Kid (Brett Kelly) inadvertently stops him when he walks in with a black eye. After that, Willie wants to teach the Kid to take care of himself. Gin (Bernie Mac) finds out about Willie and his partner's (Tony Cox's) scheme, but rather than turn them in, he demands 50% of the money they get. Willie's partner, frustrated that Willie is not pulling his weight anymore, kills Gin and betrays Willie after Willie opens the mall's safe. The cops show up and stop his partner before he can shoot Willie. With the cops chasing him, Willie drives to the Kid's house in a desperate attempt to deliver the Kid's Christmas present. He is shot eight times as he reaches the front porch, but somehow survives. In the end we learn that Willie's partner is in prison, Willie is given immunity because of the confession letter he wrote, which the Kid kept and delivered to the cops. The last scene is the Kid kicking the bully who pestered him throughout the film.
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