The Station Agent

After Fin (Peter Dinklage) comes out of his shell to build friendships with Joe (Bobby Cannavale) and Olivia (Patricia Clarkson), it seems to have backfired as Olivia shuts them both out of her life after her ex-husband shows up, and Joe doesn't show up on the night when Fin finally agrees to join him at the bar. He does form a small bond with Emily the librarian (Michelle Williams), who is attracted to him, and he is still friendly with Cleo (Raven Goodwin), but neither of these is quite the same for him. Olivia tries to kill herself, and Fin rescues her - she tells him that the reason she shut herself out was that her ex-husband had told her he is having a new baby. Fin reconciles with Joe, and it's shown that the friendship between the three was strong enough to overcome the difficulties. In the end, even though he knows he'll be made fun of, Fin goes to speak before Cleo's class about trains.
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