21 Grams

Paul (Sean Penn), who is dying of heart disease, receives the transplanted heart of Michael (Danny Huston), who was accidentally struck and killed (along with his daughters) by a truck driven by Jack (Benicio Del Toro), a recovering addict and ex-con who has given his life to Jesus. Overcome with guilt, Jack leaves his wife and abandons his faith. Paul, obsessed with the origin of his transplanted heart, falls in love with Michael's widow, Cristina (Naomi Watts), who begs him to kill Jack, so she can move on with her life. Paul cannot kill Jack, but lets him go, perhaps because he feels a kind of gratitude to him for providing him the heart. Driven by guilt, Jack comes to Paul's hotel room, demanding to be killed by Paul, but instead, Paul shoots himself and later dies in hospital. Jack claims responsibility for Paul's death, but once again, the police let him go. He returns to his wife and children.
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