House of Sand and Fog

Lester (Ron Eldard) forces Colonel Behrani (Ben Kingsley) and his son, Esmail (Jonathan Ahdout) to go to the county tax office to sign the house back over to Kathy (Jennifer Connelly). Lester handles the Colonel roughly, and Esmail grabs Lester's gun and orders him to let his father go. Police see Esmail with the gun turned on Lester, and order Esmail to drop the gun. Esmail turns to them surprised, and the police shoot him. He's taken to the hospital, and the Colonel is arrested but then let go after Lester admits what happened to the police. The Colonel runs to the hospital where he prays, but it is too late and Esmail is dead. The Colonel returns home where his wife (Shohreh Aghdashloo) is napping, and Kathy has taken a walk down to the water. Unable to tell his wife what happened, he takes her up to the widow's walk where he serves her tea that he has secretly drugged. He brings her down to bed as she slips into unconsciousness, then gets in his full uniform and wraps the plastic garment bag around his head and duct tapes it around his neck. He dies next to his wife, holding her hand. Kathy returns to the house and finds them, and tries CPR but is too late. As the ambulances drive away, a policeman asks her whether the house is hers, and she replies sadly, "No, it isn't."
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