Ex-president Monroe 'Eagle' Cole (Gene Hackman) votes for himself after promising on the air that he wouldn't, and ends up winning the mayoral election by one vote. While giving his victory speech, he has a change of heart and admits this, claiming that Handy (Ray Romano) is the real mayor. However, Handy then claims that he too reneged on his promise and voted for himself, and that Eagle is the real mayor after all. Handy then proposes to Sally (Maura Tierney), tells her that he really voted for Eagle, which meant that he was the real victor, but he realized that he didn't care about the position or winning as long as he had her. 'Eagle' and his assistant grace apparenty become a couple. At the end of the film, Eagle's campaign manager (Rip Torn) comes into Handy's shop and offers his services if Handy wants to run for governor.
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