In the Mood For Love

Mr. Chow (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) and Su Li-Zhen (Maggie Cheung) rent neighbouring rooms in a house while his wife and her husband are absent from the city. Bit by bit, it becomes apparent that Mr. Chow's wife and Li-Zhen's husband are having an affair. At first, the new neighbours seem reluctant to acknowledge their painful bond but, slowly, in the midst of their melancholy, they also fall in love. It's clear that Mr. Chow and Li-Zhen are soulmates. However, they're more bound by honour and grace than their spouses are. They decline to lower themselves to the level of the people whom they've trusted and who betrayed them. Although they never become lovers, their relationship is achingly intimate. Conversation about what they'd say to their spouses if they could confront them about the affair turns into role-playing. While neither can trust his or her spouse, Mr. Chow and Li-Zhen trust each other enough to reveal the pain and anger in their marriages. Eventually the couple parts when their spouses return. Years later, when they are both free (she a divorcˇe, he a widower), Li-Zhen buys the house where she roomed next to Mr. Chow. He also returns to the house, but learns from a tenant that the former owner is no longer there. Thinking that his last link to Li-Zhen is gone, Mr. Chow leaves, dejected. They miss each other by only minutes and, apparently, never meet again.
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