The Pirate Movie

Mabel (Kristy McNichol) cannot marry Frederic (Christopher Atkins) because he is contracted to be a pirate until his 21st birthday. Since he was born on February 29, he has to stay a pirate until he is 84 years old. Frederic joins back with the Pirate King (Ted Hamilton) and crew to siege Mabel's family mansion. Just when the pirates are about to win, Mabel realizes that she is dreaming and she wants a happy ending. She creates happy couples amongst the cast and ends up marrying Frederic. Back in the real world, Mabel is awakened by the real "Frederic" (his name is never revealed). He picks her up and they get married at the pirate exhibit where they met.
Thanks, Heri G!
Adam S. and Elizabeth D. tell us to see or read the source material, The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert & Sullivan.Thanks, folks!

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