Tim (Ben Stiller) and Nick (Jack Black) are best friends. Nick invents the Va-Poo-rizer (an aerosol that makes dog feces vanish) and asks Tim if he wants to join in on the investment. Tim doesn't. When Va-Poo-rizer actually works and makes lots of money for Nick, Tim gets really jealous. He ends up befriending J-man (Christopher Walken) who give him the idea to sabotage Nick. While Tim is drunk, he accidently kills Nick's horse. Later J-man tries to blackmail Tim about killing Nick's horse. Eventually everything turns out OK and Tim confesses. The horse is later found and undergoes autopsy. Apparently the horse didn't die from Tim's arrow, but from Va-Poo-rizer, which contains some poisonous chemicals. Va-Poo-rizer is taken off the market, but Tim comes up with a new invention: Pocket Flan.
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