Laws of Attraction

Two competing New York divorce attorneys Audrey Miller and Daniel Rafferty (Julianne Moore & Pierce Brosnan) end up drunk and get married during a romantic town celebration in Ireland, where their clients have a castle that they're fighting over in a divorce. They decide not get a quickie divorce to save their careers after Audrey's mother has the wedding announced in the newspaper. The pair get along great and Daniel wants the marriage to be real and Audrey starts to come around, but after using some accidentally found information in the divorce case against Audrey's client, Audrey wants a divorce. Business brings them both back to Ireland where they find out that the "priest" who married them in the pub is the castle's butler and they are not really married. After some soul searching back in New York City, they decide to make it real. One of the judges the couple goes go up against in court (Nora Dunn) marries them for real.
Thanks, Lisa E!