Shaolin Soccer

We find out that the owner of the Black Team paid someone to break "Golden Leg" Fung's (Man Tat Ng's) knee all those years ago. Now "Golden Leg" is coaching the Shaolin team. They have reached the finals thanks to their knowledge in Shaolin Kung Fu. and now have to face the Black Team of the man who cost him his career. The Black Team is using experimental drugs, which make them even more powerful than the Shaolin team, but instead of just winning, they decide to humiliate the Shaolin by injuring them one by one until they cannot go on playing and must forfeit the game. The plan goes great and soon the Shaolin are out of players, until Mui (Vicki Zhao), girlfriend of the main character Sing (Stephen Chow) decides to fill in for the injured goalie, and using her knowledge of Shaolin is able to stop and incredible attack by the Black Team. Sing is inspired by this, and masters enough energy to make a spectacular kick that completely destroys the field and blows away the entire Black Team. The Shaolin team wins the finals 1-0. Soon after, everybody in the world is practicing Shaolin, which is what Sing really wanted in the first place.
Thanks, Nazario M!