The Thin Red Line

Private Bell (Ben Chaplin) gets a letter from his wife who he always talks about, breaking up with him. Sergeant Welsh (Sean Penn) tells Private Witt (Jim Caviezel) that he has never seen anyone like him, and he thinks that Witt will outlive all of them. WRONG!! Witt runs away from his platoon to distract incoming soldiers and he is surrounded. Instead of surrendering, he pretends he has a gun (he doesn't) and gets shot. All the soldiers we got to know that are still alive return to campsite, Corporal Fife (Adrien Brody) survives and saves some of his guys while taking a hill. When they all return to base camp, Captain Bosche (George Clooney) is the new leader after the old one dies in battle. He gives a supposedly rousing pep talk, but all the men are too tired to listen or care. He seems phony after what they have all been through.
Thanks, Teya C!