The Stepford Wives

Joanna (Nicole Kidman) finds out that the wives of Stepford are being controlled by implanted computer chips. Joanna distracts Mike (Christopher Walken) at a party while Walter (Matthew Broderick) goes down to the lab and reverses the chips to restore the women's personalities. Walter confesses that he turned all the women back and Joanna was never a Stepford Wife--"he didn't want a wife from Radio Shack". Joanna hits Mike in the back of the head with candlestick holder; his head comes off and we find out that he was actually an android Stepford Husband! Claire (Glenn Close) reveals that she was actually behind the robots of Stepford. She wanted to create a world where everyone was perfect and beautiful... she also says that the men would be next after the women. Six months later, Joanna has made a documentary about her experience in Stepford and she and Walter have a very happy marriage. Bobbie (Bette Midler) wrote a book of poetry about her experience, and Roger (Roger Bart) got a seat in the US Senate.
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