The Notebook

An elderly Duke (James Garner) reads to an elderly Allie (Gena Rowlands) out of a notebook. The notebook is a journal written by Allie about her love story with Noah. She is suffering from a form of Alzheimer's cannot remember her past. In flashbacks to WWII, after loving and losing Noah (Ryan Gosling), after 7 years Allie (Rachel McAdams) became engaged to Lon (James Marsden). Allie finds Noah again by seeing his picture in the paper. She goes to see him and eventually chooses him over Lon. Back in ther present day, we discover that Duke is Noah. He reads to Allie over a day and that night her memory comes back only to go away again. She lashes out at him like he's a stranger and soon after Noah has a heart attack. After he recuperates he goes to her room late at night and she remembers him. Noah lies down with her on the bed and they wish for their love to carry them away. A nurse finds them together in bed, dead, holding on to one another's hands.
Thanks, Sharla S and Jennifer B and Lisa E!