A Cinderella Story

Sam Montgomery (Hilary Duff) goes to the Halloween Dance and meets Prince Charming, aka Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray), the very popular football player. Just as Austin is about to find out Sam's identity, her cell phone reminds her to get back to reality so she won't be caught by her evil stepmother, FIona (Jennifer Coolidge) and twin stepsisters. As she's leaving, she drops her cell phone which Austin picks up. The next day in school Austin has posted signs everywhere looking for her. Just as she's about to confess to Austin her identity online she is taken away by Fiona. One of her stepsisters finds all of her emails to and from Austin and takes them to the head cheerleader, Shelby Cummings, Austin's ex. Right before the Homecoming game, Shelby exposes Sam to the school and Austin during a skit. After this humiliation, Sam is working at the diner and snaps, she finally tells Fiona off and quits. Then she goes to the game and tells Austin off about how waiting for him is like waiting for the rain (there was a drought). Sam goes to the game but leaves right before it ends. Austin notices, runs into the stands, tells her his true feelings and kisses her as it starts to rain. As Sam is packing up her belongings, she finds her father's will in an old fairytale book he used to read to her. The will gives her everything he had which means Fiona has nothing and the final scene is of Fiona and her daughters working at the diner as Sam and Austin drive off to college (Princeton) together.
Thanks, Rosalyn L!