Shallow Grave

After keeping the suitcase of money and disposing of Hugo's (Keith Allen's) drug ridden corpse, mistrust and suspicion take their toll on the three flatmates. During a scuffle, David (Christopher Eccleston) Stabs Alex (Ewan McGregor) through the shoulder, pinning him to the floor. As he's about to kill Alex, he himself is killed by Juliet (Kerry Fox). But Instead of helping Alex, she pounds the knife in even further (using her shoe as a hammer), takes the suitcase and flees, leaving Alex to bleed to death. Alex, however, survives to find the police assembled at the flat, and flashes an enigmatic smile. Juliet, by now far away, opens the case to find it full of newspaper clippings. The real money is still at the flat, hidden under the floorboards, with Alex's blood dripping onto it. He's won.
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