Without a Paddle

Three childhood buddies were pursuing their dead friend's dreams of finding the stash of legendary bank robber D.B. Cooper in the backwoods of Oregon. They stumble onto a marijuana farm and two bad guys try to chase and kill them. Along the way the trio find and befriend Cooper's partner Dell (Burt Reynolds), an eccentric mountain man who ends up giving them his share of the money ($100,000), which the friends give to the most unsuccessful of the three, Tom (Dax Shepard). At the end we see Tom retelling the tale to a troop of Boy Scouts. Dan (Seth Green) a successful doctor, overcomes his fears and ends up in bed with two tree-hugging hippie chicks they had met. Business burnout and relationship-phobic Jerry (Matthew Lillard) grows up and proposes to his girlfriend. They all live happily ever after.
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