Nameless (Jet Li) was actually planning to kill the King of Qin (Daoming Chen), and has spent years perfecting a technique which is unstoppably lethal within ten paces. Sky (Donnie Yen) and Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung) faked their deaths to allow Nameless to seem to be a hero. However, Flying Snow's lover, Broken Sword (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) had previously refused to assassinate the king because he believes that the king is the only man who can unite China. He convinces Nameless of this by writing the words "our land" (referring to China as a whole) in the sand, and Nameless tells the king. He then leaps at the King with a sword but does not kill him, telling him that a warrior's greatest wish is to lay down his sword. Flying Snow's servant brings her word that the king lives. Enraged, she assaults Broken Sword. He allows her to kill him so as to prove that he really meant that he wanted the king to live. Despondent over the death of her love, Flying Snow kills herself. Nameless is executed as an assassin and buried as a hero, the King of Qin unites China, and to this day the people of China refer to it as "our land."
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