Men of Honor

Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr.) successfully completes Navy diving training. He helps find a lost atomic bomb off the coast of Spain, but during the process of raising the bomb on to the ship, a line snaps and his leg is shattered. He wins the right to remain on active duty AND a Navy diver after he successfully walks 12 steps in the Navy's updated, 290-pound diving suit during the courtroom proceedings. Master Chief Sunday (Robert DeNiro) salutes Brashear before leaving the courtroom.

Alternate ending found on DVD: After the courtroom proceedings, while Master Chief Sunday and his wife (Charlize Theron) are driving across a bridge, some young boys hail them down because their friend is drowning in the creek below. Sunday dives into the water, finds the boy, and pushes the young man up to the surface to safety. Unfortunately, Sunday dies. Earlier, his doctor told him that any sudden pressure on his lungs would kill him. During the burial, Brashear places on Sunday's coffin the radio homemade by Brashear's father (Carl Lumbly).
Thanks, Marty G!